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Streamline Your Move with PODS Moving & Storage Units - Powered by GiG Movers

Moving can be overwhelming, but with PODS Moving & Storage Units, it’s a breeze! At GiG Movers, we understand that every move is unique. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best in the business to offer you a seamless PODS moving experience. Our platform connects you with skilled movers who specialize in loading and unloading PODS units.


PODS units offer the perfect blend of convenience and flexibility for your moving and storage needs. Load your belongings at your pace, and when you’re ready, your PODS unit will be transported to your new location or stored securely.

How GiG Movers Elevate Your PODS Experience:

  • Expert Loading and Unloading: Our movers know how to maximize space and secure your belongings in PODS units for safe transportation.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Coordinate with our movers according to your timeline. No rush, no stress!
  • Tailored Services: From small apartments to large homes, our movers adapt their expertise to your specific needs.

Join the Moving Revolution: Ready to make your move with PODS even smoother? Let GiG Movers connect you with the right professionals. Together, we make moving less daunting and more efficient.

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If your team is loading and unloading, enter loading Zip code and unloading zipcode
How many hours would you would you like to book your movers? Keep in mind that there is a 2 hour minimum applied to the service. Most move teams can stay up to an hour or 2 past your prebooked time.
Tell your team more about your move. Include any heavy items, how many bedrooms, size of truck or POD...etc
Your movers are paid based on hourly services
Choose the amount that works best for you. Pay is based per mover per hour. Ex: If you choose $25 per hour, each mover will be paid $25 per hour for the amount of your pre-booked time. It is also important to consider gas reimbursement in your hourly pay.

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