How it works?

Welcome to! Here’s how our platform simplifies your moving experience:
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Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Get started by signing up for your free account on It’s quick and easy, taking just a few minutes. Once you’re signed up, you’ll unlock access to our platform’s full range of features and benefits.
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Step 2: Post Your Move

Once you’ve got your account set up, it’s time to post your move! Simply fill out our “Post Your Move” form, where you’ll select your move date and set your budget. Remember, there’s a 2-hour minimum pay requirement for all moves, with an average cost per mover ranging from $20 to $25 per hour.

Step 3: Review & Book

Now, sit back and relax as available movers in your area review your move criteria from the “Post Your Move” form and respond accordingly. You’ll have the chance to browse through their page, skills, and reviews. Choose the movers that best fit your needs, whether it’s based on price, skill level, or customer feedback. Once you’ve found your perfect match, go ahead and book them for your move day.

How Do I Pay?

Rest assured, your payment process is covered every step of the way at All payments and invoicing are conveniently handled through our platform. When your move is complete, your chosen movers will invoice you directly through This means your payment information stays secure and protected.

Whether you’re paying for the entire move or just a deposit, our platform makes it simple to manage your finances without ever leaving the site. No need to worry about cash transactions or exchanging sensitive information with strangers. Everything is seamlessly handled through our secure payment system, giving you peace of mind throughout your move.

That’s it! With, moving has never been easier. Create your FREE account now, post your move, and let us take care of the rest. Happy moving!
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