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Welcome to the Move Gigs Board

With extensive experience in logistics and the art of moving and moving labor, we’ve uncovered a simple truth – the most dependable, experienced movers aren’t always tied to a company. 



We are proud to be founded by movers and helpers, for movers and helpers. 

How It Works

Step 1: Post Your Move

Fill out our “Post Your Move” form. Provide details about your move, such as your current location, destination, and moving date. You have the flexibility to name your price, ensuring that you find a mover that fits your budget. That’s it! Once you’ve posted your move, local movers in your area will be alerted, and you can sit back and relax as they apply to work your move.
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Step 2: Compare & Select,

Once you’ve posted your move, local movers in your area will be alerted, and you can sit back and relax as they apply to work your move. Browse through the profiles of available moving help providers. Compare moving experience, prices, and customer reviews to find the perfect fit for your needs, whether you’re moving local or long distance.

Step 3: Schedule & Book

Once you’ve found the right moving help for you, simply book them for your moving day with just a few clicks. With the Move Gigs Board, you’ll have reliable assistance lined up to make your move a smooth and stress-free experience.

Why Choose Us

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Posting your move on the Move Gigs Board is quick and easy. Simply create a listing, sit back, and watch as qualified movers vie for your business. No more endless phone calls or tedious price comparisons.


Transparency and Control

No more hidden fees or surprise charges. With the Move Gigs Board, you have full transparency into pricing, services offered, and mover reviews. Plus, you maintain control every step of the way, selecting the mover that best fits your needs.

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Budget Flexibility

The Move Gigs Board offers a revolutionary approach to moving – one that puts you in the driver’s seat. Take control of your move today and experience the convenience, savings, and peace of mind that come with choosing your price!

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Our local movers on the Move Gigs Board are committed to arriving on time and handling your belongings with the utmost care throughout the entire process. You can trust us to be there when you need us the most.

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You Control Pricing

By posting your move on the Move Gigs Board, you control the cost of your move Movers check the board every day and accept the move at your rate.


Quality Assurance

Worried about the reliability of movers on the Move Gigs Board? Rest assured, all movers are vetted and verified, ensuring they meet strict standards of professionalism and competence.

Get Insights from Hundreds of Thousands of Authentic Customer Reviews

On average, moves through GIGMovers receive a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 Stars.
“Overall, a great experience. The movers were friendly and worked quickly, but there was a small delay in arrival. Still, I’d use their services again.”
David Smith
“ The team was punctual, professional, and handled my belongings with care. Highly recommend!”
Sarah Johnson
“Our movers were efficient and affordable. Everything was delivered safely. Overall satisfied with the experience. I like these local movers”
Michael Roberts
“Overall, a positive experience. The movers were friendly and hardworking, but there were some minor scheduling issues. Nonetheless, I appreciate their dedication to customer satisfaction.”
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James Wilson
“Exceeded my expectations in every way! The team was courteous and organized and took great care of my belongings. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother moving experience.”
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Sophia Martinez
“Delivered on their promises with prompt service and careful handling of my belongings. There were a few communication hiccups, but the movers were responsive and resolved them quickly.”
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Daniel Nguyen

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we’ve got you covered with our extensive network of local moving labor help. With movers at your service, you can sit back, relax, and let the professionals handle the heavy lifting.


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